Thursday, 23 March 2017

Lleweni Parc easterly

All change today, the wind was from the east and at first there was a lot of mist, but after a while the sky cleared and we started launching towards the ridge. There was no sign of the promised easterly wave, but there were thermals and the scenery looked great. Landing procedure was no longer 'roll to the end of the runway' as that would have meant a gentle canter down the slope on the second half with the possibility of continuing on down the grass to the stream, so we aimed to stop at the taxiway, referred to as the Cook Strait, halfway down. Seemed to work. Here are some random pics from the day.

316 on tow

Symeon trying out an alternative mode of transport
There was a much more difficult version with just the one wheel, like a unicycle without a seat. Mostly it required people walking either side to keep the rider upright.

Booker's homemade fuel bowser

GH in its temporary home

The gang at the end of another fun day

Scary selfie

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Denbigh Wave - there's more from Tuesday

Just a couple more pics of Denbigh sights. T4 and LC flew out to the coast together after a spell swanning around just below 7000 feet close to the airfield. It was relatively easy to transition in to the wave by pushing out from the ridge, with the lift working over a large area. It was a great flight, but I should have landed 15 minutes earlier to avoid the edge of a large (massive) shower, won't do that again!

View of Dee Estuary looking towards Liverpool.

Prestatyn Pontins.

To Snowdon and back

Yesterday was a stunner. A brisk westerly produced lively conditions at times but in general the trend was upwards. Symeon got the back seat of the ASG31-MI belonging to Rod who owns the airfield. They went over the hills and far away........

River Conwy and the Great Orme

The seaside
Other people flew the ridge from one end to the other - 30km - in a mix of ridge and thermal, there were those who turned points out to sea near Rhyl. Richard and Simon went to Snowdon.......

Alwen Reservoir and Lake Brenig

Menai Strait

The Great Orme....again

The seaside

More seaside

Snowdon in cloud
All this fun was temporarily halted by a shower front when it seemed best to be on the ground, and then we started again. The Duo and K21 had wave flights - the Duo reported 8000ft and minus 11degC.

Somewhere over Wales
Working backwards - on Monday we flew from dawn to dusk, literally, the last flight landing on the dot of official night.

And yet more seaside

A bit of the ridge
Absolutely legal
And in other news.......our loyal readers may have been wondering about food. No photos, but the household at Caeu Mawr has been eating well. Here's the menu so far:
- Cod on a bed of beans and tomato, with cheesecake to follow
- Salmon in parcels with leek, petits pois and creme fraiche, with apple frangipani flan
- Smoked salmon followed by Piedmont stuffed peppers, then the last of the cheesecake with fresh raspberries
- Mexican shepherds pie (sweet potato topping) followed by homemade lime and tequila ice cream (to die for!!)

Last night we were all a bit worn out by all the fun so we had pate, Morrison's battered haddock with the rest of the shepherd's pie.......and the last of the ice cream.

And finally......there are some rather odd creatures around the perimeter of the airfield.

Today we have some soft Welsh rain obscuring our usual view of the ridge so a rest day is in prospect.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Welsh Monday

This morning started very wet indeed but by lunch time the bad stuff had passed and the fleet was rigged.

Everyone was soon batting up and down the ridge and climbing away in wave, with views of the seaside, iron age forts, the Jubilee tower and lots of lovely countryside, some of it quite wet. The field off the runway and peri track is also quite wet, so the rule about keeping off the grass has a lot to be said for it if you don't want to get covered in mud. All good fun though. And one happy person is Nik von Merveldt who finally completed his Bronze by demonstrating that he could get to the end of the runway on landing. It was also his first time ridge and wave flying, the grin when he landed was quite something.

Well done Nik!

Lleweni Parc pics

Here are a few pics from Saturday and Sunday. It's a bit wet this morning but we hope for sunshine later.

Fran and Richard on the ridge

View from the top

Nice cloud!

Jim W and Richard in wave

....and again

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Lleweni Parc day 2

Still blowing a gale, but Pete Wyld battled through wind and weather from Booker in the Robin, with the whole expedition lined up to watch his landing. After a pause for breath he launched Richard and Jim in 315, they promptly wafted up to 6000ft in wave. It was getting a bit late by then so we fuelled up the tug and went to our respective homes.

How many people does it take to pump fuel into a Robin?

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Booker spring expedition to Wales

Booker Gliding Club's spring expedition to Wales has a different venue this year - Lleweni Parc near Denbigh. The weather so far has been a bit wet and windy but 315 had no sooner arrived than it was rigged and going up the wire for a look at the local sights, including the 30km Clwydian Ridge.

Richard and Fran ready to go

Back again ahead of the rain

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Air League at Booker

The Air League group yesterday had a great time trying out our simulator and flying real gliders - and the weather was perfect for the occasion. Today we received a thank you email from the organiser, Amir, here's an extract:

I'd like to say a huge thank you to yourself, Richard and the team for your incredible work in making today a possibility. As you may remember, XXX GC were unable to take on the school; and so without you, today would certainly not have happened!

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Air League day at Booker today

Over 22 Air League students on site experiencing the joys of Gliding

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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Young pilot's dream comes true

Monday turned out to be a fine cloudless day.  Travis, our youngest member, coped well with the windy conditions and flew his first solo glider flight on his fourteenth birthday.  Needless to say he was delighted, as was his father Nick.  Nick is keen to take up the sport himself, perhaps one day his instructor son will be sending him solo!
Travis is the less pleased looking pilot on the right!

Instructor Graham Saw, Travis and father Nick.