Friday, 26 May 2017

25 May Another greta day and Norman potts gets his full rating

winds light southerly high temperatures and good thernals.

Good to see the Petrel flying, Graham took it off for an airing for a couple of hours.

Rob Munroe popped in in his Citabria and took the K13 for a trip.

All the 2 seater pupils getting dangerously close to solo, who will be first?

Jane landed out and so has her own adventures to tell, her comments were "I thought I would see what it is like at Chiltern Park" well done Jane.

Finally well done Norman Potts, now a full rating---good job.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Lovely day out and a visit to Chiltern Park

24 May Deptford school pay us a visit

A warm thermic day, weather worsening as you head North, but very warm and sunny at Booker.

We welcomed 15 members of Deptford School today. They all had a great time, enjoying the thrills of gliding for the first time. many thanks to all the helpers that made this day a success and in particular Madi Nick and John who tirelessly helped on the ground and made sure everyone was kept safe. A very special mention to John H who treated us to fresh strawberries !!

Flying continued well into the evening. 2 happy chaps just about to take off at 7pm.

This time next week we will be at Haddenham----put it in your diary.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Guess the age of the glider. 23 May 2017

A warm front brought with it lower cloud and 1600ft cloudbases. Still thermic but not ideal for cross country.

We welcome Stephane Andre, a visitor from France. Stephane was here to view the Ventus that Alison is selling. A quick site familiarisation and he was off testing his new toy.

Preparations are starting for the  Aero Expo next week. Graham was preparing the Petrel, a very special glider and the only flying example in the world. The Petrel will be on display in the glider hanger during Aero Expo for those interested to have a closer look.

A gull wing built in 1939. The tail number does not relate to either the age of the glider or the age of the pilot. Graham did reveal that the combined ages is quite a large figure---but he didnt give any further details.

The club will be at Hullavington during the Aero Expo, so please come along and enjoy a different airfield. Thats Wednesday 31 May  to the following Sunday.

Flying conditions improved for the evening group. A good turn out and some fun flying.

A good day forecast for tomorrow.

Monday, 22 May 2017

22 May a blue day with strong thermals

A great soaring day with the occasional haze cap. Otherwise blue with

Raymond Freeman from near Henley on Thames enjoyed an introductory course.

I really enjoyed that, its great fun was his remark after the course. Well I thought it was fun too.

More good weather tomorrow


Sunday, 21 May 2017

It's a FES

A new high tech and very elegant arrival in the trailer park.  Jeremy Gilbey and Barry Michael with their new Shark FES.  Yes, apparently it really boosts your cross country performance if you join the Flat Earth Society.
I thought you said the batteries were charged up !
For those not up to speed on the latest gliding tech - FES = Front Electric Sustainer.  The glider has a small electric motor and propellor enabling it to glide on for an hour after the last thermal has fizzled out.  An easy way to avoid a landout on a cross country flight.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

First solo in a real glider

Congratulations to Luke Bishop; first solo in a real glider today. Luke came back to gliding last year having previously been solo in an ATC motor glider about 12 years ago. Luke says it is easier with an engine but, now he has mastered gliding, I'm sure he won't be needing one.

More from the film set

On Wednesday Booker played host to a film crew taking scenes for a major TV drama series to be aired later this year. After a morning taking ground shots at White Waltham they arrived at Booker for some aerial work.
Who's that man?

Beards R Us

How many people does it take to........?

Hero or villain?

Thanks to Richard Martyn for use of his beautiful K6 and to Robin Willgoss and Mike Sinclair for help on the day.

Friday, 12 May 2017

LS7 a new goal for the future

Iain Segall and David Parker admire the new LS7. Well it is raining outside and a short break from the lecture room is welcome.

We expect to see David back again to complete his conversion training. Won't be too much longer now, mainly a paperwork exercise.


Thursday, 11 May 2017

Nigel Smith completes his full rating

Congratulations to Nigel Smith on successfully completing his full rating test with Richard Crockett. Nigel is an instructor from Halton.

The weather was not inspiring from a soaring point of view but Nigel Smith and David Parker (our visitor from Dartmoor) took full advantage of the quiet airfield to get their training done.


Graham grows a beard

What a great day. First launch at 8 am Graham certainly didn't have a beard when he flew Richard Martyn's beautiful K6 behind the Pawnee. A few hours later he reappeared (having been to White Waltham) and had grown a splendid bush. He then made a few more flights in the K6 for the benefit of the film crew which was filming scenes for a programme we can't name until it's aired.

A blue day, with a strong inversion at 3000ft QFE. A few adventurous flights were made, but many elected to stay within the local area.

David Parker, a trainee from Dartmoor Gliding continued his training in the K21. He made a superb cuppa on the bus cooker. Thanks.

Flying continued into the regular Wednesday evening group.


Monday, 8 May 2017

A nice day out at Shuttleworth

Yesterday two of our pilots showed off a couple of vintage gliders at an air display at the Shuttleworth Collection, Old Warden. There was a fantastic range of amazing aircraft on display, not least the improbable looking Fauvel flown by Graham Saw and a kitchen chair with wing attached - a Primary - flown by Richard Crockett.

Hooking up the Fauvel

Richard checking his nails before his flight

The record-breaking Comet seen from the Primary