Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Guess the age of the glider

A warm front brought with it lower cloud and 1600ft cloudbases. Still thermic but not ideal for cross country.

We welcome Stephane Andre, a visitor from France. Stephane was here to view the Ventus that Glen Alison is selling. A quick site familiarisation and he was off testing his new toy.

Preparations are starting for the  Aero Expo next week. Graham was preparing the Petrel, a very special glider and the only flying example in the world. The Petrel will be on display in the glider hanger during Aero Expo for those interested to have a closer look.

A gull wing built in 1939. The tail number does not relate to either the age of the glider or the age of the pilot. Graham did reveal that the combined ages is quite a large figure - but he didn't give any further details.

The club will be at Haddenham during the Aero Expo, so please come along and enjoy a different airfield. That's Wednesday 31 May to the following Sunday.

Flying conditions improved for the evening group - a good turn out and some fun flying.

A good day forecast for tomorrow.

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