Saturday, 27 May 2017

A very warm finish to the week

A very warm blue day. Surface winds 110/12 and 20 knots at flying altitudes.

The day was good for training and trial lessons, so loads of spinning practice and cross wind take off and landing practice. Jo Shephard, John Blake and Matt all had very useful training flights.

The trial lessons all had a good time, and thanks for all the assistance with that, Symeon in particular kept everyone entertained with his stories of flying in South Africa.

Lots of preparations for Aero Expo is under way with new fences, temporary buildings new car park, and aircraft now being parked to the side of runway 35.

Our preparations are well underway for Haddenham next week. Please come along and have some fun with us - bring lunch and water, the facilities are fairly basic. That's from Wednesday next week.

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