Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Richard spots some potential new tugs, and we relocate to Haddenam

Weather steadily improving through the day with light winds.

Some very interesting aircraft at the show, Richard has his eye on a couple of potential towplanes.

This one for its classy paintjob and impressive radial engine/

And this one for summer use - look it actually has a tow hook.

Ruth flew to Haddenam and having found the place made an excellent landing in the K21 and completed her bronze C oral test very well done to her.

Thanks Bob for flying the Duo to Haddenam for us and we look forward to a great day tomorrow.

We now have some single seaters at Thame ready for everyone to come and enjoy flying from somewhere different.

Was it something I said? I think Geoff had an unpopular idea during the set up at Thame!

Let's look for another day in paradise tomorrow.

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