Sunday, 15 November 2009

Booker cadet team gets together

Unfortunately two cadets had to leave before the photoshoot, but here is rest of the 2009 cadet team in all its glory.

Great use made of the clubhouse today with the annual end of season cadet meeting.

Fanastic support with all of the cadets turning out promptly for a 10:30 start! After the meeting, most cadets also brought their parents along for the buffet lunch; well someone had to bring the food.

It was another fine day on the airfield with plenty of the usual training from ab initio through to instructor training. Even Discus WD took a launch and Anne managed longest flight of the day with a 59 minute soaring flight.

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jimboffin said...

I would like to congratulate Bob Smith and thank him for all his hard work marshalling the cadets in 2009.

In all the years I have been at Booker I have never known such a good and helpful crowd of younsters and the fantastic progress they have all made this year it is testament to the programme.

Well done Bob and his team.