Monday, 25 January 2010

Saturday lecture and chilli

An excellent Bronze lecture on Saturday, Alun Jenkins making meteorology understandable. This was followed by a delicious chilli lunch provided by Donna, mother of Siena who is one of our cadets. Donna is a power pilot who has been converted to the pleasures of gliding through her involvement with the cadets, and is now in danger of being signed up as Catering Manager. About 30 members turned up for the chilli, unfortunately Graham and Robin arrived late from the workshop and had to make do with leftover bread and cheese. As a result of their hard work, CFA is now rigged after its annual and looks immaculate with a refurbished cockpit, it will be back flying as soon as the weather allows. Many thanks to them for their efforts.

Saturday 30 January, 10am:
The final Bronze talk on Airmanship and Radio,
followed by an opportunity to take the exam. If you intend to take the exam you will need to bring a protractor and ruler for the navigation section.

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