Saturday, 20 February 2010

Spring is here

A glorious warm sunny Saturday and lots of activity to report. Those who had only turned up for the briefing on ground handling found themselves out at the launch point taking flights, with the briefing taking place between flights. Simon McC helped out with a fine demonstration of splicing, a skill picked up from his sailing days. There should now be no excuse for badly parked gliders and unserviceable tow ropes. There were 30 or so flights, with some trial lessons, and John P converted to the Discus, which included learning how to rig and derig it. Cadet Ashley had a flight in the Cub to get some photos for his AS level project. Our oldest member Shep rigged his glider, and he and a number of others went out to Didcot under a massive cloud street, the rest of us soared locally. All in all an excellent day, let's hope there's more on the way.

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