Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year and First Solo

Happy New Year to all Booker Gliding Club Members and readers of this Blog - hear's wishing you all safe and enjoyable soaring in 2011.
The first flyable day of 2011 has been a good one with 20 launches taking place throughout the day being a mix of training, aerobatic and single seater flying. Rumour was that there was some lift about, not enough to climb in but good enough to extend the time soaring.

After much haggling the honour of the first launch of 2011 went to Symeon Economou in FZA but David Baker's first solo in EBZ eclipsed that. Congratulations to David - we look forward to seeing him (and the other recently solo pilots) progressing during 2011.

David Baker with Bob Smith after his first Solo

Symeon Economou 'guarding' FZA to ensure he was first to fly!

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