Monday, 7 March 2011

Monday Solo and Sundays Flying

Sunday 6th

Sunday's early cloud cleared to give mostly blue skies and a few thin scattered cumulus clouds but which were generating good thermals to allow for several long soaring flights. The sun also brought several single seaters out of winter hibernation. A couple of the more intrepid aviators set off cross country and only began to question their sanity when they turned Bicester at 16:00 for their run back to Booker (which all worked out OK in the end). With over 30 launches, good soaring conditions and sunshine throughout day there was a great 'buzz' around the club - the season is coming - make sure you are ready!

Club Members checking out the conditions (and what they were looking at below)

Monday 7th - 1st Solo

Congratulations to Booker Cadet Guy Trees who went solo in CFA (today was his 16th Birthday). He has been working hard for this recently doing the extra flying necessary to get him up to a satisfactory standard. Arrangements were made to ensure the club was operating today and the weather co-operated on his birthday - he provided the final ingredient by being up to standard.
Guy with his mum Lorna after landing
If Guy had been old enough to buy the celebratory drinks for his solo it would have been a cheep round as the only people around to witness it were his tug pilot, instructor and mum Lorna. We can all congratulate him when he does his next Cadet Duty day.


jimboffin said...

Dodgy glasses! Is he destined to be another gliding hack?

Dave C said...

Well done another 16 year old ace!