Friday, 25 November 2011

Doctor Who fans look away

After last weeks days of low mist and fog, the weather has cleared each afternoon to be flyable and Friday has been particularly clear if somewhat breezy. This has enabled a fair amount of two seater training to take place plus several solo flights. The forecast for the weekend is good, so no excuses for not being there!

A reminder that there will be a meeting from 10.00 am in the Clubhouse this Sunday 27th to discuss our operations during the period of the 2012 Olympic Airspace Restrictions. Your input will be very welcome.

Other activities on the airfield included the fabulous noise from the Yak 11's radial engine as it was doing some high speed runs down the runway - hopefully it will be flying soon.
The other slightly unusual activity was the sight of Doctor Who's Tardis flying around the north western end of the airfield - fortunately it was not being flown underneath a New Zealand helicopter delivering Christmas trees so we should be safe from the Daleks for a while yet.

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