Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Booker flies high at Talgarth

Those of you sitting at home looking at the blue sky and the chart showing light easterlies will have spotted the fact that this is the perfect synoptic for easterly wave. So far the wave has appeared reliably every day. The reason we have not reported on our exploits is that there has been no time, we have been too busy exploring and enjoying fantastic views of this amazing landscape from 8000ft. We've done so much flying that our CFI has declared tomorrow a rest day so that we are rested and ready for when the wind turns westerly and we switch to ridge running.

Here are some pics of what you have missed.

Talybont Reservoir

Typical glaciated landscape

Looking north up the Cwmdu valley, Myndd Troed (1998 amsl) on the wingtip

There was also a small birthday celebration which included a spectacular cake. No hangovers were involved.

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