Saturday, 5 January 2013

Busy day

There was a good turnout this morning for the first of the Bronze briefings, when Symeon bravely tackled the subject of Theory of Flight, giving plenty of tips on how to pass the Bronze paper.

Symeon demonstrating the aerodynamic properties of plywood
Next Saturday's subject is Meteorology, the following week will be Human Factors, all welcome, pre-solo to pundit.

By the time the briefing was over the sky had cleared sufficiently for a spot of aviation, and the dual tow was demonstrated when the K21 got stuck in the mud (in fact it required a bit of shoving as well).

Just as cloudbase started to descend again, Deputy CFI Richard decided to have his first ever flight in the K18, which he pronounced to be a 'wonderful glider to fly'.

'What are all these straps for?'

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