Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Easter Egg Cup results

Following in the tradition of holding the Easter Egg Cup some time after Easter, the report of the results is also late, having detoured through an internet black hole.

The weather on Saturday morning was not ideal, which may have discouraged some entrants, but it calmed down nicely after lunch and in the event there were seven competitors who all produced very creditable performances, all with scores over 70%. The winner with an impressive 85% was cadet Ben Followell, followed by Robert Turner with 82.77% and Chris Collett with 80%.

Ben with his well deserved trophy

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Doug Hilton said...

Well done Ben. The Booker cadet scheme is clearly working well and turning out skillfull pilots. I can't recall how many years it has been since a cadet didn't win the competition. Keep it up cadets!