Monday, 29 July 2013

A weekend of sun, showers and successes

A successful week of cross country flying with lots of enthusiasm for flying laps around Bicester Didcot with a healty dose of competitive spirit thrown. Honours for the week go to 325 with a speed in excess of 110kph on Friday.

The weekend forecast was for armageddon (which didn't occur and the moral here is to look out the window and not just rely on forecasters) and Ruth Jackson lead the way in the sunshine on Saturday with her first Bronze leg on only her 4th solo - congratulations.

Jim Pengelly showed his domestic skills with a bit of post flight cleaning - yuk! Fortunatley this is an unusual occurrence and the pilot did say they had enjoyed it.

Other success comes by way of Jim White and William Parker competing in the Bicester Regionals. Jim is reporting in his blog which can be found at

On Sunday Jim (315) came 2nd in the Open Class and William (LC) 4th in Sports - the wind and the showers must have been quite a challenge.

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