Sunday, 15 September 2013

How to get the bugs off a Junior

You may have noticed that it was rather wet on Friday evening, which was a bit of a nuisance because the Sales and Marketing Team were on a mission to go over to the Henley Showground and set up our stand for the Henley Show on Saturday. It was spitting when we left Booker, later on the rain got a bit heavier, but we maintained our sense of humour to the last.

It's being so cheerful wot keeps me going...

In the morning we gave the Junior the first of several cleans, and the day - and the display - steadily dried out. We were in an excellent position and entertained many visitors, including the inevitable queue of small children wanting to sit in the glider. We made some sales and talked to lots of people, and we are confident that we will see some of them at the launchpoint.

All in all a very successful outing. And the Junior is now cleaner than it's been for months.

Many thanks to David Humphreys, Chris Collett and Symeon Economou for getting very wet in the service of the club, and to them, Bob Smith, Hedda Coture and Ruth Jackson for working hard on Saturday. Ruth is new to the team and she commented on how much fun it was talking to so many people and how she was pleased to be able to contribute her efforts to building the club.

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