Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The run of good weather continued

After Saturday's cross countries and the swooping and swirling of the Easter Egg competitors, Sunday produced more good soaring and under Symeon's leadership he sent Ruth J off in DJK with orders to not return until she had been airborne for more than 2 hours.

Not one to disappoint, she duly followed instructions and only came down after about 2.5 hours thus finishing the soaring elements of her Bronze C (she had flown an hour long flight the day before).

Whilst the sky didn't look 'classic' there was strong lift until late in the afternoon/early evening and Symeon was overheard (very tongue in cheek) chastising a student who had gone up to practise his soaring and staying up far too long (and late).

Ruth stood by DJK after her Bronze leg (Photo Symeon)

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