Thursday, 27 November 2014

XC debrief session - Saturday 29 November

There has been huge enthusiasm this year for xc racing, thanks to the new Handicapped Task method pioneered by Booker. This has generated a momentum that has lead to us bidding for, and getting, a Regional championship for next summer.  In order to learn from this year's activities - what we got right and an honest appraisal of what we got wrong - and apply lessons learned to next year's flying, there will be a debrief session on Saturday 29 November at 10am in the clubhouse.  

Topics to be covered will include:
  • What gets you motivated to fly / what demotivates you from flying
  • General communications
  • Feedback on the task setting
  • Feedback on briefing/debrief
  • Preferred types of task (GP style or held start line: the new distance task, old style tasks, AATs)
  • Facilities improvements we would like

Come along and join the discussion.


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