Monday, 25 May 2015

Klippeneck 2015 - Day 1

John ready to go
KCZ coming in again
Every take off starts downhill
Graham keeping the paperwork straight
Day 1 saw the clubs 2 seaters being rigged (and a few private owners' single seaters) ready for site checks on the long but slightly more tricky runway 02. The 2 seaters were kept busy with over 20 flights between them and a few single seaters flying. GA took off to do some local flying and familiarisation but was tempted by a convergence line and flew a 200k o/r. It was a long day with the gliders only landing around 19:30 but was completed with dinner at the nearest restaurant down the hill. More to follow tomorrow.

XC options

 A view from the road through the Black Forest en route for Klippeneck

From the airfield

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