Friday, 24 July 2015

Discovering gliding

Earlier this year CFI Richard and a number of our senior instructors went to Benson to explain gliding to the RAF and other GA reps, and to learn about how the base operated. They came back with plenty of useful tips about staying safe while flying near Benson which were reported in the April edition of the newsletter. As a result of this meeting, Richard was invited to visit White Waltham to talk to the power pilots there, and a large number of them expressed an interest in coming to Booker to find out 'how the other half lives'.

On 9 July we hosted a group of about 20 power pilots from White Waltham and Denham with experience ranging from pre-solo to airline pilot. They were given the opportunity to try general flying in a K13, aerobatics in the K21 and a taster of cross country in the Duo Discus.

Waiting to launch
They all had a really good time, quotes included:

"Fantastic, I wish I'd done this 50 years ago."
"It's been a super day, quite an eye-opener."
"Best fun you can have with your clothes on."

Yesterday a few more pilots who had been unable to join the first trip came along, they all had a great time, and commented how valuable it was to have a better idea of how gliders fly and operate - they don't just cluster round gliding sites!
Where's the engine?


......and after!
Adding colour to the day were Graham's Lunak and Robin's Jaskolka, putting all those plain white gliders in the shade.

Jaskolka in blue, Lunak in yellow

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