Sunday, 6 September 2015

Unexpected sunshine

The day started full of promise and quite a few people set tasks and rigged and hurled themselves at the sky. It didn't turn out quite as planned but most people had a good time even if they didn't achieve their tasks.

Meanwhile, there was plenty going on around the clubhouse. Rob Turner and his son Harry spent the day dismantling the gang mower he has bought (on ebay, where else?). The main achievements were to get the engine running and the wheels turning, but unfortunately not at the same time, and it had to be towed round to the hangar for a pressure wash. A bit more work though and it'll be cutting a swathe through the trailer park.

Test run - with plenty of advice on hand

Back to the drawing board
Round the other side of the clubhouse, Chris and Hedda were hard at work applying graphics to the sim trailer, which we will be taking to the Henley Show next Saturday (12th Sept) along with the Junior. The trailer can't fail to attract attention, and we hope to have a full program of customers for the sim.

'Are you sure that's straight?'

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