Sunday, 11 October 2015

Aberdeenshire entertainments

The weather this morning was indifferent so one contingent set off via Banchory down a very scenic road to Stonehaven, which is usually the place you drive through on the way to Aboyne. It's worth stopping for a look around. Apart from being the birthplace of Robert William Thomson, inventor of the pneumatic tyre (who knew?), it is also  the birthplace of a famous Scottish delicacy.

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However, the object of the exercise was Dunottar Castle, reached by a 2 mile walk along the cliffs past curving bays of black sand. Perched on the cliff edge, it's a spectacular site and well worth a visit.

Stonehaven harbour
Nice for paddling......

Dunottar Castle
The wind had got up by the time we walked back, it was a bit chilly and we'd missed lunch, so the Harbour Hut cafe was a great find, excellent cake, very reasonable prices and friendly service.

The forecast looks more promising for flying tomorrow,

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