Saturday, 16 January 2016

Busy Saturday

A frosty sunny Saturday with no wind - and not much mud - a pleasant change from December. There was certainly plenty going on. In the clubhouse Jim was giving a lecture on Met for x-c with an enhanced set of visual aids. This year he created a cloud in a bottle, maybe next year he'll be doing rabbits out of hats. In the afternoon, Tim gave a briefing on how to set Handicapped Distance Tasks, so more people can set tasks on good x-c days.

'......before your very eyes.......
Meanwhile a bunch of instructors were being put through their paces for their 3 and 5 year checks. Richard and Doug worked hard all day going up round and down.


Here we go again...

Also under instruction was Alun, being trained by Graham for his advanced Aerobatic Instruction rating.

'Not sure what this bit's for'

George seemed pretty impressed with his first flight in his new toy.

Me and my Ventus

Flying went on until shortly before official night, after which we all retired to the clubhouse for a warm up!

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