Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Nice Day in Booker

We had a busy day's flying at Booker.

The cupboard was very bare when we threw open the doors to the hangar, "Where are all the gliders!". But things improved immeasurably when we were joined on the taxiway by the spitfire. It had come out of hibernation for an engine run on the taxiway.

What a cracking start to any flying day - from that point on I insisted we sung Jerusalem before every flight...

The day wasn't as 'epic' as some forecasts, but there was lift to be had for the sporting, and judging by the BGA ladder - some intrepid souls in impressive machines teased fine journeys out of a mixed bag of weather conditions.

I'm writing this at home, knackered, slightly pink from sunshine, and very satisfied.

More please.

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