Sunday, 10 April 2016

Easter Egg 2016 - Aerobatics comp

The annual Easter Egg Aerobatics Comp took place today, with a number of members and a guest from Dunstable hurling themselves around the sky in a bid to impress the judge, Graham Saw. The strong southerly produced challenging conditions and presented the competitors with some interesting decisions on how to position themselves for their sequence. Competitors could choose between the Standard and GorBlimey sequences and could fly as many times as they liked. The surprise results were as follows:

1st - Standard - Jane Moore - 81.3%
2nd - GorBlimey - Alun Jenkins - 78.1%
3rd - GorBlimey - David Humphreys - 70.6%
4th - Standard - Jan Wazny
5th - Standard - Jim White
6th - GorBlimey - Rob Kehr
7th - Standard - Rob Turner
8th - Standard - William Parker



Many thanks to Graham for organising and judging the event, and to Geoff T for presenting the prizes.

In other news, George rigged his Ventus with the aim of staying up - and landed out......... But at least he tried.

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