Friday, 3 June 2016

Klippeneck 2016 Round up

The Klippeneck 2016 Expedition is sadly over but it is fair to say that everyone involved had a great time and enjoyed some superb flying in a wonderful location and with the local Klippeneck Gliding Club being the most accommodating hosts. They let us use their facilities as if they were ours, let us get on and do what we wanted to do with the minimum of fuss and oversight whilst providing a tug and hangar space as needed. We are very lucky to have found such a location and club.

The last couple of days were good flying days again with the club gliders being used to go cross country and gain badge claims where relevant. Paul F completed his Silver duration and distance in 319 and Zeljko completed his Silver height (but only by getting below airfield height at one point to then recover and get to 7,000ft - don't forget the airfield is 3,000ft asl) - well done guys..

The last day culminated with Graham S organising a formation flight of his Petrel, the Duo Discus and the K21. This proved a challenge akin to a juggler keeping plates spinning as there was only one tug and following a shower having gone through leaving dead air with no scope to soar. One pass was achieved as basically the gliders were down to circuit height before they all got together.

A good mix of gliders at the launch point

319 with Paul F on his Silver attempt

Tuttlingen with Lake Konstanz in the background

Important packing

Ahh - leave that behind, no space for it!
An unlikely trio!

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