Sunday, 7 August 2016

Weekend successes

Yesterday the weather looked promising, the trailer park was busy with rigging and various people were soon setting off across the countryside. Notable is Nils Wedi in his LS4 EN who did 400k (Bullington-Grantham), struggling home into wind having been in the air for over 6 hours.

Nearer to home Phil Binnee went to Enstone in 319 for his Silver distance. Back at base Chris Whelan converted to Pegasus 318 and then flew for 2h 15m for a Bronze leg. Ruth Jackson and Hamid Alidousti also achieved Bronze legs with flights of 1h 45m and 1h 15m respectively.

Meanwhile our boys are doing well at comps elsewhere. Jim White came second today in the 15m Nationals at Lasham with a final overall position at 12th. Tim Scott in the same comp came 4th overall. In the Dunstable Regionals William Parker finished 6th.

Congratulations to everyone!

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