Saturday, 28 January 2017

Another busy day

This morning the Bronze lectures continued, with Bob Smith demystifying things like the importance of L/D for calculating final glides, why flaps make a difference, what happens to VNE at 20,000ft.... he even explained G relief. After all of this, and a cup of tea, one person was shut away in the briefing room for a go at the Bronze paper. News has yet to emerge of how he got on, hope he's not still in there.

Meanwhile, out on the airfield the sun was shining and people were enjoying the thermals, amongst them Chris Rowland who celebrated the 50th anniversary of his first flight in a glider. That flight was in a T21 with Blackpool and Fylde GC, then based at Samlesbury, near Preston, but now renamed Bowland Forest GC and based at Chipping, still near Preston. His anniversary flight was in a Junior - considerably less draughty.

Chris in 312

Here is a nice picture of today's sky, taken by Chris on an earlier flight in the Falke.

And this is what the sky looked like as it got more showery - and wavy.

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