Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Booker flies again

After three long months of lockdown, the ban on recreational flying was relaxed on 22 May and those lucky enough to be solo were able to get back in the air. We are currently based at Chiltern Park while we wait for Wycombe Air Park to open fully again. In the meantime we are having a lot of fun flying well set tasks which enable fast times while not venturing too far and staying close to airfields and strips  - in these troubled times we don't want to upset those less fortunate than us by landing in their field. It must be hugely frustrating for those needing check flights and we hope for an early solution to the two seater flying problem.

We are grateful to the BGA for their efforts in getting the ban lifted, to Dennis Pearson of Chiltern Airsports for making us feel at home, to RAF Benson for understanding gliding, and to CFI Richard for setting it all up.

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