Thursday, 6 March 2008

Tuesday 4 March - ridge running from Parham

While the rest of us were at work, eight Booker members were the guests of Parham for a day of high speed fun in our Duo, which is currently based there so that we can take advantage of suitable winds at short notice.

Here's an account from Bryan Hughes:
Six Booker members joined Mike C and me for a visit to Parham in a 19kt mainly northerly wind. Local members were rigged early and before long there were around 20 gliders soaring the ridge. Everyone had a great time. In the first flight of the Duo, Mike and I managed around 140k during which we ventured past Peterfield to the West before turning and proceeding back almost to Lewes in the East with only one (or perhaps two) butt-clenching moments as we 'jumped the gaps'. Not bad for a site check! Later in the morning, when the thermals came into their own, there were lots of knots on the varios and soon it was streeting beautifully. Reluctantly, 315 finally landed for the last time at dusk with just enough light to de-rig. We were all made very welcome at this friendly Club where the locals treated us as full members.

And from Jim White, who took Z12 down for the day:
Yesterday was great fun down at Parham. 19kts directly on the ridge backing slightly towards the end of the day. As ridge virgins Guy Sutherland and I set a short task and flew conservatively but still acheived 193k at 94kph! There were also 4kt thermals to 4000ft+ so I was tempted to fly home to Booker! Everyone should have a go...I know I will be back.

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