Sunday, 18 May 2008

Full of Eastern Promise

Paul B's 1000k declaration (Tiverton, Thetford, Taunton and home) certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons this morning as he launched at 9.00am into a very pretty looking sky.

A grid formed, talked, examining the sky and the increasing spread-out as the morning developed. Almost two hours later they launched onto a mixture of 500k and shorter tasks. But the day didn't live up to it's early promise with only a handful getting round.

Jon Garfield explains to James the Pump why a throttle quadrant isn't necessary.

Bob S with stylus in hand. Whatever happened to smoky barographs and a map?

I was here first - Robin and Kite contest a thermal.
Dave C pictured ready to start in what turned out to be a bit of a wet day all round.

Jim W returns to base without troubling the retrieve crew.

All credit to Paul B for turning Tiverton and making it back to Booker mid afternoon. Rumours of Geoff T turning Lands End will have to wait for confirmation, but it's always a little easier in the knowledge that your crew is sitting behind you, given sufficient fuel of course...

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