Saturday, 30 August 2008

Task week begins...overcast and then blue

Day One of Task week, and two tasks were set...

Task A - BOB-OXF-BUC-BO1-BOO (111km?)
Task A - BOB-OXF-NOS-BO1-BOO (161km?)

Most pilot elected to do the bigger task and a few chose to do BOB-LAS-BIC-BOO instead (presumably to wave down to the folks at the Air League at Bicester today). At the start, several gliders reported good climbs to 2700', above which it all went a bit weird (very choppy and lots of sink).

Most pilots completed the tasks, although 971 and JDV landed at Thame and were aerotowed home. Meanwhile back at Booker G-DDXX (ASW19 competing in the ICL from Lasham) called in to say Hi and was later towed home too.

Sunday promises to be "interesting" with the possiblity of showers and thunder. H'mmm....

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