Sunday, 14 June 2009

AeroExpo 2009 at Wycombe Air Park

For the 4th year AeroExpo took over Wycombe Air Park for 3 days and Booker Gliding Club took advantage of the crowds of aviation minded visitors to sell gliding. If only the event was in November! Under the perfect gliding sky a team of club members spent 3 days answering questions like 'what would be a good day for gliding?' - today would! However, it was worth the sacrifice as we did brisk trade with power pilots and helicopter pilots who were soon convinced that gliding offered much better value and more interesting and challenging flying experiences than what they were currently doing. We look forward to seeing them all at the launch point.

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Dave C said...

Well done Jane and crew.

Hope all the power/heli pilots can get round to doing cross country and see what a terrific weekend it really was.

With a long range forecast looking poor I definately made a bad decision to leave the glider in it's box at Booker.