Tuesday, 30 June 2009

No photos but.....

Sunday was a real mixed bag of a forecast. The three 'reliable' soundings all suggested different weather conditions ranging from it being a totally blue day through to it being completely overcast. RASP didn't help and the forecasts from Dunstable, Lasham and Nympsfield carried a consistant message of "we haven't got a clue".

Undeterred by this uncertainty, we set a club 'A' task of Booker Bridge (BOB) - Enstone (ENS) - Buckingham (BUC) - Didcot (DID) - Booker (BOO) of 159km. 'B' task was Booker Bridge (BOB) - Bicester (BIC) - Westcott (WES) - Booker (119km). Most pilots elected to have a go at the 'A' task and Dave Caunt (918), Shack (WD) and Jim Pengelly (208) completed it. Gary (732) wussed out on the way back from Thame and skipped the Didcot leg (having been to Thame and back earlier and felt uncomfortable with the ever lowering cloudbase).

Anyway, a fun day, with everybody agreeing that conditions ranged from "weird" to "tricky".....great practice for the forthcoming competition season!

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