Thursday, 16 July 2009

Regionals - Sixth Day - It's a rush

We had a briefing at 10:15 and the gliders are waiting on the grid. Metman says there's going to be a usable window and the top cover is likely to burn off. Today we can expect 10kt SW winds as the centre of the low pressure system is approaching. Expectation is cloudbase of around 3000' with thermals decaying to 1-2kts as the showers head in by 3pm.

Task A - Booker Bridge (BOB) - Buckingham (BUC) - Olney (OLN) - Winslow (WSL) - Booker SW (BO1) - Booker Finish 1 (BF1) - 141.5km.

Task B - Booker Bridge (BOB) - Silverstone (SIL) - Booker SW (BO1) - Booker Finish 1 (BF1) - 112.7km.

Outlook is for it to be non-flyable tomorrow. Watch this space.

Need to rush off now as first launch is expected at 11:00....

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