Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Mini Gatfield

Yesterday was hot, blue, and windy. Mini Gat (314), Glen (A9), and I set off to try BOB-BUC-CHV-BOO. The inversion was around 3700ft above Booker with tricky 3kt climbs and no cu.

A9 and 314 set off as I struggled to get up. A9 came back declaring it too difficult. 314 was struggling at Thame when I set off. Joining 314 I thought it was a bit difficult too and climbed with him, thinking I would wait until he got up....then he was gone! I called and he said he was at WEC climbing - he was and high too.

I flew to WEC but now thinking the 18kt Southerly would be our undoing suggested we do BIC DID instead. We flew to BIC and got a good climb off the town. As 314 climbed I pushed forward to find the next one at the prison. I called 314 over believing him to be high.

After a while looking for him, I spotted him in the weeds by the ammo dump. I said "I thought you were high", Mini Gat replied "I was!". I thought that he would find it hard to get home and suggested he find a little climb and wait till the wind took him back to BIC to either land there or climb to 3500 and press for Thame.

I set off for BOO, fearing the day was ending and I would struggle to get back. I arranged to fetch 314 from wherever he landed. I actually got some quite good air and was able to climb at Thame and Sydenham to make it home OK. Now I sent Mike Collett out to get 314 in MF which was going to Thame to collect GH anyway.

Little do I know about the Gatfields! The boy just kept battling on and returned on sun power overhead BOO at around 6pm. Well done Mike, I underestimated you. With determination like that you'll be world champ yet.


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