Thursday, 29 July 2010

Jim's forecast got them going....

Following Jim "Seaweed" White's forecast for Badges galore on Wednesday, Mike Collett was confronted by MiniGatfield and Hilton Junior asking whether it was OK for them to race to Enstone. Common sense from the CFI prevailed and MG was tasked to practice a xcountry in the Pegasus in readiness for the Junior Nationals and Hilton Junior was tasked to try for his silver distance to Enstone.

The approaching top cover and increasing wind dashed their hopes with MG landing out near Newbury and Hilton Junior near Bicester. The day didn't live up to expectations as was evidenced by the flotilla of turbos that were grinding their way back to Bicester. Hilton Junior wasn't alone in the field for long before he was joined by another landout (well an RAF Chinook that just dropped in to check all was OK).

Thanks have to go to Mrs G and the CFI for the ensuing road retrieves - these boys are going to be trouble!

And then they go topless......

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