Saturday, 7 August 2010

Task Week 2 - Day 1

With around a dozen pilots signed up it looks like we're going to have a sociable and fun task week. Saturday morning started with a lack of people - a sure sign that everyone had checked the met beforehand! Heggy headed off early to go tugging at the Opens and turned back reporting that there was a 'wall of water' beyond Swindon.

As the weather gradually improved, people did start showing up through the day. Jane and Henry elected to do some instructing which was a good idea as the cloud stayed low and occasionally wet. Yan made it to Bicester and back (by car) and Gary managed Booker-Didcot-Harwell and back, via a jolly nice tea room (yes, again task done by road).

During the day main notable event was apparently that we had someone go solo. Don't have details to hand....but congrats to them anyway!

Forecast for Sunday is much better. Let's wait & see!

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