Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Task week 2 - final day

The sky looked very unpromising when viewed from the weather window in the clubhouse - or anywhere else for that matter, but several brave souls kept the faith and rigged. The task was an AAT involving Rivar Hill and Pitsford or thereabouts. They launched into a stiff breeze and set off for the cumulus forming in the NE. The following is a report back from Shack Roberts (A9):

After some grid squatting, Sunday turned out to be lots of fun. Although we scaled back to BIC DID, Steve Williams and I had a brilliant flight. The thought in the back of my mind of a retreat from the ridge at 2000ft was dashed as I watched the LS6's nose drop and flaps arch upwards as it rejected the climb we were in and headed for the blue hole between us and the next set of decent clouds. With the strong wind it was waving with lots of sink but there were streets about at times both into and cross wind. The day had a couple of hours left when we landed so we could probably have stuck to the bigger task but I let Anne have her glider back instead.

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