Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Task Week 2 - Day 3

With a forecast of increasing wind with height, thermals expected to reach 3500', an approaching front with showers, day going blue.....how many more reasons would you like to be put off going anywhere? So, an AAT was set to take advantage of the conditions - 3 hours to find the best weather around BOB (Booker Bridge) - NES (Newbury South) - WEC (Wescott) - KKGS (Kingsclere) - BOO (Booker Airfield. This gave a range of options from 95km minimum, actual task of 212km and max task area of 333km.....so something for everybody.

Not sure how everybody managed with the variable conditions, but I think 279 (Bob Smith) went for just beyond the minimum, and managed to score in all three sectors. 315 (Dave Caunt & John Tournier), despite grumbling about never getting above 2600', went quite deep into the first two sectors and into the third sector for a reasonable score. 732 (Gary Nuttall) went into the first two sectors but turned short of the third sector, citing blue conditions, wave influence, strong winds, lack of sandwiches and general lack of height to make it any further before fleeing for home. A9 (Glen Alison) went quite far into the first two sectors before returning direct to Booker. J1M (Jim White) started (too) late and didn't attempt the task. JTY (Henry Ross) made a good start and got as far as Newbury South and (I think) possibly into the second sector before turning back to Booker. Not sure how everyone else did although I did see 949 (Bob Sinden) and 987 on task but don't know how they did.

The front moving in from the West can be seen clearly on this satpic:

The forecast for tomorrow keeps changing - currently there's a front passing through quickly and we may see good conditions by 11:00, so could be another good day. If the weather goes downhill we'll use the opportunity to review traces and see what lessons can be learned.

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