Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Task Week 2 - Day 5

The trailer park was busy this morning with pilots eagerly rigging after being inspired by the rumours of a good day. Mike Collett's briefing confirmed that, whilst it wasn't going to be a brilliant day, the synoptic chart had all the signs of a classic cross-country day.

Multiple tasks were set ranging from 200-400km (and someone, who will remain nameless, even said he was going to do a 500k). Can't remember the details but the 300k was Booker Bridge (BOB) - Chipping Campden (CHC) - Grafham Water (GRW) - Oxford East (OXF) - Booker SW (BO1) - Booker) - 306km.

Don't know for sure details of how everyone fared as we had several landouts including Jane Moore (118) in a field near Chipping Norton (which she was able to aerotow out of), Henry Ross (JTY) near Milton Keynes and Yan Clave (405) - not sure where but the photo he sent looks like an airfield somewhere!

John Turner, with Dave Caunt in the back (of 315) and Gary Nuttall (732) completed the 300k task. Think Jim White (J1M) and Bob Sinden (949) did too. Alun Jenkins completed the 200k task and Tim (314) turned short of Grafham but completed around 250k - not bad for someone who's only recently taken up gliding again after a break of quite a few years. Alan Johnstone did a 300k out & return to Ludlow and I'm sure other pilots completed meritous flights too - be interesting to find out more at the briefing tomorrow!

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