Saturday, 11 September 2010

Booker at the Henley Show (again)

Today the Booker Marketing team was at the Henley County Show with a glider and our usual display materials. After a damp start the sun shone and we had plenty of visitors, including the farmers who own the land adjacent to the airfield who were very pleased that we had come to an agricultural show so that they could meet the people who flew over the heads and occasionally landed in their fields. We also met a number of our neighbours who were very supportive of the continued existence of the airfield and equally opposed to the idea of a football stadium in its place.

We sold a couple of courses and got a lot of positive feedback which we hope will translate into future sales. Many thanks to David Humphreys for help in setting up, and to Richard Clark, Oli Llewellyn and Simon McCracken for turning out to work on the stand, and special thanks to Simon's wife Marnie, who doesn't fly but spent the afternoon working on the stand for us. And of course thanks to Chris Collett for booking it all, setting it up and working all day today.

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