Sunday, 26 September 2010

Sunday 26th September

Richard's first day IC and all went well - he counted them out out and counted them all back in. Not an easy day with strong winds and lowish cloud base but everyone who wanted to fly did.

Ever optimistic Jon Gatfield was rigged and eager to be off to the ridge before he had to mend the shed roof at home. Towing out with a cloud base of only 1,500' he was then not content to stay on the ridge where he was able to maintain 800'. A sudden improvement in the conditions (to 900') was enough for Jon to make the jump to Halton. Clearly he is missing MiniGat who went off to Uni last week to cause him to behave this way.

Jon was joined on the ridge by Oli Llewelyn in C30 but the deteriorating conditions and occasional showers was enough for Jon to realise that a return to Booker after 2.5 hours was prudent. Not our Oli though - he carried on surviving showers and lowering cloud base until he eventually was advised to land at Moor Court Farm when it became obvious that a return to Booker from the ridge was not on.

The London Parachute Club at Moor Court Farm were very accommodating and helpful allowing an interesting aerotow home to occur.

Another great day at Booker - September has been full of soaring surprises!!

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