Friday, 1 October 2010

Thursday 30 September

The sunny autumn day brought a light south westerly, a 1000ft 2/8 octa cloud base with mist in the valleys, the view from on top was breathtaking.

John Lambie, John Hubberstey, Michael Gardener, Peter Taylor, Peter Cross, and Jack Fox enjoyed flying FZA, HNK and DJK. It was Jack’s first flight in the K18 and he was enchanted by the handling and good manners which he described as delightful. Roland Wales and Glen Allison assisted with the instruction with Roy Highfield and Geoff Tabbner tugging.

318’s refurbishment is now complete, in time for the annual pilgrimage to Aboyne. It’s been a significant team effort that was made possible by dedicated club members putting in a considerable amount of time, well done. Robin Wilgoss towed it out to the launch point and Julian Saakwa-Mante had the privilege of doing the test flight; he reported all was in order and it flew superbly. On landing Robin was keen to know if the wheel brake worked, essential for stopping at the end of the Deeside runway. Then it went back into the trailer ready for its highland adventure...

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