Sunday, 17 October 2010

Another October Solo (plus some other firsts)

This weekends weather has been good compared to some of the recent wet and windy weekends at Booker and the sunshine brought lots of members to the airfield and resulted in a bevy of launches and several soaring flights today.

John White also added his name to the list of first solo's today after Paul Clarke decided the time was right to get him off on his own - congratulations John.

In line with the recent theme of flying reports from members flying elsewhere (or should that be eating and drinking around Royal Deeside?) we have updates on two of the cadets who have been doing some flying elsewhere.

MiniGat has been doing some flying with Nottingham University Gliding Club. He had shared some concerns about the 'challenges' that winch launches offer but received the sage advise from one of his fellow cadets to 'just man up and do it'. Clearly the advice and his natural ability had him solo on the winch the same day. MiniGat is now cleared to fly the clubs hot ship - a Skylark II but his abilities were not missed as he was also approached the same afternoon to buy a half share in an LS6.

Hilton Junior has been off at Halton doing an Air Cadet Gliding Scholarship and was sent solo on a Grob G109 motor glider earlier today.

Both of them report how they have had to behave in a way that is becoming of the respective clubs operations but they are still "Booker boys" at heart!

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