Sunday, 10 October 2010

There's more to Aboyne than gliding

The southerlies have now given way to easterlies, which is unfortunately the only wind direction which doesn't produce wave, there being no hills in that direction. What it has brought is damp grey weather, which we hope will clear later to give us some thermal soaring.

However, there is still plenty to do. On Friday those staying at Clearfield hosted a tea party for all club members, plus Phil the tuggie who is towing for Deeside GC during the wave season. There were plenty of dainty sandwiches, plus cakes provided by the guests, including some typical Scottish delicacies.

Yesterday there were a number of trips. One party went to sample the local whisky and find out just how much water to put in a dram.

Steve and John went off to Aberdeen to buy electric socks, after which the toys came out and model cars were soon screaming up and down the runway - until Glyn's stopped rather smartly in a puff of smoke. When they took it apart the conrods came out in bits.
Later that evening the Victoria Restaurant at Dinnet provided an excellent dinner, well worth a return visit. Denis has mentioned roast chicken, though no clear promise to cook it. We will have to see how many cooks we have staying in Birkellun this week.

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