Wednesday, 6 October 2010

What a great day!

The forecast wind was SW and so it proved. The day dawned with high cloud cover and signs of wave below, so we rigged and launched. The skies cleared and we had fantastic wave which changed around enough to make it interesting but not so much as to be difficult. A few pics below (the blog uploader is very slow), details of achievements following:

Destinations and max heights as follows:
Richard Crockett 318 - Corgarff 11,000ft
Glen 987 - Lochnagar 10,000ft
Jim/Dave 315 - Lochnagar 11,000ft
Glyn G1 - Feshie 11,000ft
Alan AJ - Feshie 16,700ft
John JH - Feshie 13,400ft
Tim HXH - Loch Lee 15,000ft (Gold height)
Mike 7Q - Loch Lee 14,500ft
William LC - Feshie 14,500ft
Richard Clark 987 - Ballater 7,500ft (possibly Silver height)
Jane 118 - Braemar and Loch Builg 14,900ft
Bob 279 - Loch Muick 13,000ft
Bill/Dave ECZ - Balmoral 8,000ft
More of the same please!
Chinese takeaway tonight.

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