Monday, 4 October 2010

Blow the wind southerly......

Today was warm and sunny, thanks to the 10ish kt wind across the runway, which strengthened later. Those that either towed high or stuck with the rotor thermals achieved great things:

Richard Clark and Dave Byass in 315 - 7500ft
Glen Alison in 987 - 13,oooft
Bob Smith in 279 - 10,000ft and about 6 hours flying
Mike Collett in 7Q - FL195 and to Tomintoul, Feshie and Loch Lee
Alan Johnson in AJ - 9000ft
Bill Winthrop and Dave Byass in 315 - 15,000ft, and then in ECZ 12,000ft out by the Linn of Dee, they couldn't go higher because the oxygen had run out, they recorded 12kt climbs at one point
Tim Jenkinson in Aboyne's Discus HXH got to within 100m of gold. He'll just have to do it all over again.
John Herman came back late from somewhere or other and provided entertainment for the drinkers with his circuit.

No pictures today, too busy flying.

The forecast is for same again but stronger winds, so tomorrow will be fun one way or the other.

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