Saturday, 3 September 2011

Good start to September

The season hasn't finished (yet). The 1st September brought a reasonable forecast and several members took advantage of what the day offered. First cumulus clouds were popping before 09:30 and the day looked to be over developing but fortunately didn't even if the cloud base took a long time to get above 2,500ft. JIM, JC and 315 set off on 270k tasks, first into the Cotswolds and then across to East Anglia before returning home. Paul Wigginton (this seasons tuggy) also completed his Silver Distance flying a Peg to Enstone. Not the best or easiest of days but great fun for those that flew.

315 landing back after BOB-SHP-GRW-BIC-BO1-BOO

Other achievements during the week include conversions into the Pegasus 318 for John Lambie and Stuart Whiteside. Today also resulted in a first solo for Nick Merveldt in CFA which he also managed to soar for 40 minutes. Congratulations to them.

Nick Mervelt after his first solo with instructor Emily Todd

The overcast and low cloudbase prevented launching early on Saturday morning and we were fortunate to see a good formation take off of the Fiat G-46 and Yak 50 to then join up with another Yak 50 presumably off to an air display somewhere. All didn't go quite to plan for the Fiat which suffered a minor technical issue with its undercarriage and it had to return to Booker - the pilot dealt with the situation very professionally and it was off flying again later in the day.

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