Monday, 29 August 2011

Competition successes

Whilst the weather for the last week and the Bank Holiday Weekend has been less than seasonal, there has still been a lot of activity around the launch point and a lot of flying going on. Don't miss out on the opportunities to fly during the rest of the soaring season - the forecast for the rest of the week is looking good!

Other successes come by way of Booker pilots competing in the Open Class and 15Metre Class Nationals and the Gransden Lodge Regionals.

Richard Crockett was flying his Nimbus 2 in the Open Class Nationals at Lasham and came in 26h overall. Shack Roberts was flying his Ventus in the 15Mtr Class at Hus Bos and came in 16th.

William Parker competed in the Gransden Lodge Regionals in his Discus and finished 3rd overall. Highlight of the week for William was his day win on Saturday. Hopefully he will 'tell us how he did it' at some point as none of us were there to hear his report at the briefing the following day.

Of particular interest is how William started the season with some specific goals, one of which was to win a day in a Regionals competition - it goes to prove the worth of having goals and objectives at the start of each season and not losing sight of them at whatever level your flying. It doesn't matter whether your goal is to be World Champion in 2 seasons time or going solo before the end of the season, they are all valid goals and achievable if you put the time and effort in.

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jimboffin said...

Well done to William who prepared well and was able to deliver a good performance in the competition as a result.

Those of us who intend to compete next year should get together before the season starts to plan our own campaigns.